The SESAME Solution II project seeks to further develop and productify a complete e-navigation system, using human-centred design principles, that reduces the administrative workload both onboard vessels and ashore.


Develop and validate a new method of ship traffic management, through digitization, that enables the bridge team and onshore operators to have:

Shared situational awareness through digitization of ship to shore communication, port resource planning, and expanded e-Navigation services,

Collaborative decision support through shared alerts and traffic predictions,

Ensure interoperability and influence standards, and

Reduced administrative burden


Automated electronic ship reporting

Building upon the work of Kongsberg Seatex and Kystverket to realize a fully automated pre-arrival and mandatory ship reporting system to a MSW

Develop a Harmonized Display of Navigational Information received via Communications Equipment, supporting this IMO effort led by Sjofartsdirektoratet


Expanded Just-in-time arrival

Building upon the work of Kongsberg Norcontrol, Navtor and Kongsberg Maritime to link port services to the ship's arrival time

Making the business case for e-navigation from the perspective of the ship owner or operator.

Cost-benefit analysis for e-nav services


e-navigation services

Building upon the work of the SESAME Consortium, the project will realize several services accessed via a "maritime cloud."

Administrative burden analysis

Determining how the administrative burden of bridge teams and shore-based operators is affected by automated electronic ship reporting.